Thursday, December 10, 2020

Making Holidays Happy ....Can It Be Done, especially now!

Is this the scene we all imagine when we think about the winter holidays?  For most of in Houston that rarely (if ever) means snow and a blazing fire. 

There are a few challenges that come with this time of year.  If your family celebrates Christmas the rush of decorating, buying presents, finding a tree, hosting parties and family gatherings can be overwhelming, especially this year when gatherings may or may not be possible.   If your family observes other holidays that do not occur in December it can be difficult to manage all of the excitement in the air. 

Each family must choose how, if and when they participate in the holiday events.  One thing that is common to all is the coming of winter.  It is easy to decorate the home with winter in mind, to arrange a trip to ice skate or play in one of the "snow storms" that are set up around the city.  All can enjoy the lights at the zoo, in our neighborhoods and at Discovery Green. 

Of course there are many who are less fortunate, who find it difficult to put food on the table, to have warm clothing for their family, to provide even the most simple of toys.  The joy of giving to others can bring a sense of belonging, of being of service, and feeling that we have done some good.  Perhaps your family can do a food drive in the neighborhood, go through their toys and donate gently used but outgrown ones to charities.  Children can raise money for the homeless and food banks. Simply  baking some cookies and taking them to a lonely neighbor can lift our spirits and bring our families together. 

Take a winter walk on the beach, or go on a hunt for winter pictures, play board games, visit a park and roast marshmallows, sing, tell stories and gather together in person where possible, or virtually, to celebrate a season of family and caring for our fellow human beings.  Most of all, remember that we really are one world.  

Have a wonderful winter holiday.  Look for another post in a week with a funny, true and workable solution to an overload of toys!

Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.