Thursday, August 20, 2020

Getting Outside....Safely


Most of us are either at home or spending our days working.  

Families are busy helping children with remote learning, navigating the pages of information about the virus, deciding what is safe to do, how to get groceries, manage changing finances and all of the other challenges we face together.  

Children, especially young children, cannot really understand all of the changes in their lives, even with loving parents and teachers doing their best to support them. 

An essential part of a healthy life for everyone is spending time in nature. Walking through a garden, observing birds and wildlife, listening to water create a musical backdrop to a stroll through a forest; these moments can make worry and fatigue fall away.  

Finding these safe havens can be a challenge.  We are fortunate that we have many parks and natural areas close by the Houston area where families can be safely distanced from others and be safely outdoors.  Explore the options with your family and go experience some of the most beautiful and peaceful areas of our city.

It is good to be prepared.  Bring snacks, drinks or even a full picnic.  Pack hand sanitizers, masks for those that can wear them, wet washcloths in plastic bags, and sunscreen if needed.  It is summer in Houston, after all.  Make sure everyone uses the restroom before leaving to limit stops in public places.  Go over the rules for safety and go have fun!

Most of the following places can be visited safely, especially if you go early in the day.  I routinely walk at Mercer Botanic Gardens at 8 a.m. and am often the only person there.  The picture at the top of the blog was taken there. 

Mercer Botanic Gardens:

Miles of hiking trails, fountains, flowers, a children's garden, picnic tables and a playground make this a great place for family outings.  If you are lucky you might see deer, rabbits, armadillos and lots of birds!  Best of is free. 

Alexander Deussen Park:

309 beautiful acres on Lake Houston with lots of room for bike riding, hiking, a duck pond, a dog park, fishing and boat ramps are all open and free.  Lots of room to spread out, play ball, read and relax.  

Houston Arboretum and Nature Center:

A gem in the heart of Houston!  Visit the web site for a map of the many trails.  Be sure to check the link for restrictions due the Covid19 as they change frequently.  

Brazos Bend State Park:

Ready for a "wild" experience?  Come hike the miles of trails, fish, picnic and see the wildlife.  Alligators, birds and other animals are common sightings.  Be sure to check out the link (more info !) for current information on restrictions due to Covid19. 

For more places to get your nature on go to the Texas State Park website.  

'Parks are listed by location and have full information.  

Play safe!  Let's get outdoors and have some fun!

Look for the next post for ideas on how to make being at home a positive experience.  We are doing this together! 

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