Saturday, August 22, 2020



We strongly encourage you to implement these ideas every day.  Consistency is important in any educational experience, and especially now.  It is important that you help your child realize that although they are at home it is a school experience. These suggestions will help your child to feel more as if they are in the actual classroom and will increase concentration and attention.  


Make sure you know your child’s class schedule and set an alarm at least 15 minutes ahead so they can be ready on time.


A paper calendar with the days and times for class time noted and posted where it can be seen will help prepare your student. 


 It will help your child to be more attentive and prepared if they are wearing appropriate clothing:  our school uniform or a nice tee shirt, pants, skirt, hair brushed, shoes on.  Make it a pleasure to “get ready for school”.  

Have a regular, dedicated space with a desk or table, a comfortable chair, pencils and any other books or supplies the teacher has suggested.  Try to keep this space the same every day. Have a dedicated place for materials to be kept between sessions.

/Be sure to keep distractions at a minimum.  We know you are at home and there will be some disruption.  Perhaps ask friends and family not to call during school time, turn off television, cell phones and music while your child is “at school.”

It will make the time for class more useful if your child uses the bathroom beforehand, and, depending on the specified time, is not hungry or thirsty.  


We know that you will join us in doing everything possible to help the children have the best possible experience.  Please show a positive attitude toward the remote learning experience, emphasize the positive and know you are contributing greatly to your child’s education.  Our faculty is working hard to achieve that same end.  We are all in this together.

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